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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Note to Self: Heal Thy Self

There's a saying that rings all too true, all too often; "You know better, you do better."


Growing up in my teens to my twenties, living a 'healthy life' was trying to get to that goal weight with fad diets. From the 'low fat' trends of the 90's, to the fake sugar drinks, and focusing on minimizing calories. In my thirties I started wising up to my food choices, but looking back, I still had no clue what my body needed. Emphasis on what my body NEEDED, and enter that ' Ah-ha' moment that forever changed my thinking about food.

How we get to our 'Ah- ha' moment is different for everyone, mine is another story for another day. But my family has thrived ever since we started making simple changes to our diets and lives. Friends and family have asked what changes we made.

This post is a NOTE TO SELF, and just a few ways we got started:

1. Go Grain Free! Strive to be Paleo or Primal at least 80% of the time. 
This cookbook [Primal Cravings] has a great Introduction that is spot on. First know what's included in your Paleo pantry, and cooking seriously becomes a cinch. Understand the basics then build on your foundation with recipes on Pinterest. I have tons of boards on my Pinterest profile dedicated to all the Clean Food your pallet could crave (

2, Berkey Water Filter System. Water is life. Don't trust what comes out of your tap!
Be an advocate for your family and serve them CLEAN water! The Berkey Water filter system is simple, affordable, and beyond easy to use. Under $400 for a complete system with all the bells and whistles and it sits on your counter top, no installation needed. GET A BERKEY NOW! We even travel with ours, in our suitcase! (

3. Excalibur Dehydrator: Beef Jerky, Dried Fruit, and so much more!
This company has the BEST dehydrators, hands down, mic drop- winner, winner! What you thought a dehydrator was, ei. this tall, plastic tower of pieces that takes up an entire cupboard and you ended up selling at a garage sale. Well, this dehydrator PROUDLY adorns my kitchen counter top permanently. It looks sleek, it's quiet and has a timer, so like a crock pot, you turn it on and walk away. We always have a batch of beef jerky going- protein is our staple. Or I'll dry an entire bin of spinach, powder it in the blender, then add it to our sauces and smoothies, discretely adding Vit K and greens whenever I get the chance.  I have yet to master all the techniques of this machine, but I sure love it every time I use it! This kitchen gadget was a game changer! Oh and a tip... go for the 9 tray versions, you'll want more trays, trust me! The timer is so convenient and the clear door is awesome for peaking. They come in fabulous colors too. (
3. Vita Mix- Best Blender Ever and it does so much more. 
Smoothies, soups, and so much more. The recipes and benefits of Vita Mixing is a wonderful thing. Smoothies are a staple in my household. This blender handles it all. The blade and motor are unmatched. I'm so used to how it blends, when I come across an everyday blender, I quietly give praises to my Vita Mix at home. But all jokes aside, this is really a fantastic tool to have in your kitchen arsenal. (

4. Thrive Market; No need to source your goods from multiple stores- one click shopping! 
This shopping site seriously rocks. I used to have to drive to multiple stores to get the items I needed for my kitchen and household. This site is a one stop shop. You do need to pay an annual membership, but the savings I get on the Dr. Bronner's bar soap over the year probably covers that membership price. Plus, other major perk, I am introduced to a plethora of new products that just continually make living a clean life easier. They carry everything you'll need and didn't know you needed :) Have fun and if you do sign up, use this link: ( Why, because you'll be a great friend by giving me a credit for inviting you. Just another way they encourage you to spread the word!

5. Honest Company & Honest Beauty
Rid your house of toxic products. Cleaning products are the worst. Swap out your skin and hair care for products that are safe and not full of toxins and perfumes. Honest Company is a staple in our house for tooth paste, deodorant, lotion, my son's body wash and a few other bathroom items. We only use HC sunscreen and bug spray. They have a cough rub that is miraculous for flu season! My son is growing out of the infant items and most of the cleaning stuff I can get locally for less, but our family still uses many of their products loyally.* Friendship Perk for me if you use this link to sign up ( .

The makeup we put on our face seeps into our bodies too, and Honest Company pledges trust worthy ingredients. Honest Beauty is a bit more expensive than I like and you are required to sign up for automatic renewals, which you can turn off or slow down. I really like their make up. It's not the same as my previous Mac makeup, but it's a great substitution that leaves you feeling confident, beautiful and assured that you aren't pumping your skin with toxins. (

These are just a few places I started when making changes to Heal Thy Self. Your body truly starts changing before your eyes, you feel different, and it's like coming out of a fog. My entire life I struggled with my auto immune diseases and skin ailments, and for the first time ever I have clear skin and a body that matches my expectations. Everyday I'm feeding my body to heal and in return it gives me health and happiness to enjoy everyday.