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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Succulent Life: Just Keep Growing

The Succulent Life: Just Keep Growing

My husband has an amazing green thumb. His interest in horticulture and his fascination with  rare plant trivia are what make him a plant whisperer. The other day, as my husband left for work, he asked my 3.5 year old son and myself to help him with cleaning up the plant pots. We had a lot of planters filled with succulents that were full of water, dead leaves and stalks. It was clear that the plants needed some tender care after such a long wet and cold winter. I could feel Spring on the horizon, but the air was still brisk and the cold required stamina and lots of physical movement. My son opted to watch me through the windows pressing his face up against the glass making faces and slim marks all over. All bundled up with my propagation supplies, I  sifted through each leaf and planter. 

As I was clearing off all the dead foliage, I started thinking about the parallels the succulents and my life had. I recently moved to Washington and it's been a long year, but especially a long winter. 

Change is expected to be challenging, but as exciting as change can be, stability has it's comforts too. How far would you go to reach for a dream? It's frightening to just go for it, challenge status queue or change the trajectory to risk something better. All successful people have a common thread, they never gave up on themselves. The same with ugly succulents, they keep reaching for the sun and surviving another day. 

Although I may feel a bit water logged right now, I will look to the mighty succulent for inspiration. Because it is out of the dark where new life takes root for the succulent. It is the pieces that others are tempted to cast away, that are what actually helps succulents flourish and thrive. And much like the succulent, I will continue to believe in myself and the infinite possibilities that are taking root. I may not see it at first, but it will be well worth the wait.