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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Twilight Musings or Twilight Amusing(s)

Back in 2005 I entered a poetry contest and was published in a book by The International Library of Poetry. My poem was among a compilation of others poems by other authors titled Twilight Musings edited by Howard Ely. I ordered 3 copies of the golden embossed hardbound book; one for my parents, one for my Pops (my grandpa), and one for myself. Imagine my joy when I opened the box to find my poem was printed on the first page! It was a gratifying feeling, like I accomplished a great thing.

And then life went on, 11 years have passed, and the beautiful book sits on my shelf among all my other prized books. Then recently, I remembered the book and grabbed it off the shelf and re-read my poem with pride. Being that we are in a digital age, I started searching the internet to see if my poem or the book was anywhere online, pointing back to my great accomplishment. Well, to my astonishment (or maybe not, being I always had a small suspicious feeling), it turns out this whole 'publishing' of my poem was a scam many others fell for too. When I did find a copy of the book online and read the reviews, imagine my surprise when other authors mentioned in their reviews of how proud they were that their poem received first page placement too...... wait...what the.....??

So...... I guess the three copies of the book I ordered are probably most likely the only three copies that exist in this world with my poem in it and on the first page! C'est La vie!

In honor of my original written words, I will self publish my poem here and now. At least I can now give a bit of context to accompany the poem. At the time when I wrote this poem, I was taking classes with a spiritual medium on energy and clairvoyance. I learned how to tap into my spiritual side, clear my chakras, read my energy and ground myself to the center of the earth. For those of you who speak this language, you'll understand, for those who don't, won't. Regardless of the validity of the book my poem was printed in, it's still special to me. I will proudly adorn my book on my shelf again, but this time looking at it with a wink and a smile, knowing it's context just got a little richer. 

The Colors of Each Day
Through the grandness of time
Through all dimensions of space
I seek to reclaim what is mine
I seek to clarify my place
Rooted to the center of this Earth
Connected to the depths of my spirit
I seek to explain my life's worth
I seek to know my life's merits
Through the powers of color and light
Through the strengths of body and mind
I seek to find my everlasting sight
I seek to no longer continue to live blind
Through the incredible lightness of being
Through the simplicity of pure energy
I have found my longing for seeing
I have found my pathway towards infinity
Through what I have learned today
Through all I have ever known
I will embrace the colors of each day
For I have found what my spirit has already known

By~ Katie Fry (now Mitchell), c. 2005

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