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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Savvy Savvings: Closet Tweak Party

About two times a year I go through a stage where I need change and therefore declare, "Everything must go!" I used this philosophy especially when it came to my closet and getting rid of tons of clothes, most of which were recent additions. It may seem like an excellent 'cleansing' experience, but my compulsive habit was getting to be expensive and just compulsive.

So, this Savvy Savvings is dedicated to an alternative way of attaining change, but by honoring thou’s Big Greens- money and the environment.

Problem: Sometimes we get stuck on what tops, bottoms or accessories go together in our existing wardrobe, probably because it's convenient and laziness- both of which add up to a mind block.

Solution: Closet Tweak Party!! Invite your best friends over (the ones that are fashion forward and will tell you the truth) and have a "Closet Tweak" party. Essentially, you buy the beverages, pull out all of your clothes and in exchange for cocktails, have your friends help you put together new outfits with your existing clothes and accessories (be sure to wear your best underwear and bra for the evening because you will be trying on lots of clothes!). Not only will you become reacquainted with what's in your closet, but you will have a fresh outlook and new ensembles to strut! Who knew that blouse could be coordinated into 5 other outfits!! Some wardrobe items may fall victim and banished to the 'Don't Ever Wear That Again or Be Seen in Public with Me and Donate That Now' pile, but others might just need a little TLC for some 'Mending’s or Alterations'. A new organized closet and all it cost was a few mixed up drinks and time with your besties (who may have scored a few items from your closet too)! As well, you did right by the planet and used what you had.

Bravo- Savvy Savvings!

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