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Monday, November 26, 2012

Monterey Bay Aquarium

I just got back from an amazing weekend getaway to Monterey, California. There was so much to do in this fabulous town, but one of the biggest "do not miss" spots is the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Located right on the ocean in the famous Cannery Row, the aquarium is truly sublime. From the Jellyfish, sharks, penguins to the seahorses- you can see an abundant amount of creatures from the deep big blue ocean.

They had great and perfectly orchestrated feedings where you can see the fish and animals go wild in their habitat for a bit a squid pieces and sardines. The presentations were truly informative and well worth the watch. The museum had loads of information and opportunities to get hands on with learning about all different types of species. They also had knowledgeable staff that were strategically located within each exhibit, so you could ask as many questions as your heart desired.
The Jellies were mesmerizing to watch, they just floated through the water with ease and grace. They came in all shapes, colors and sizes too! I never knew some grew to be bigger than humans or could be as small as a pin head! They were truly beautiful to observe.

The Seahorses were my favorite. To be able to see these amazing little fellows was pure magic. They looked liked something that came straight put of a fairytale book. Did you know that the males have the babies? Talk about defying gender rules! They also mate for life!! A lady seahorse has some pretty great perks!

The Monterey By Aquarium is a wonderful place to bring your kiddos- it'll be sure to entertain for hours! There are great little spots all over to bring a picnic and sit outside or inside for a snack or lunch. There are also a lot of photo ops- so if you need a great family portrait or that Christmas card photo- the aquarium has lots of places to snap a great shot. A quick tip- bring or rent bikes. The parking can be tricky and rolling in on two wheels is not only cheaper but also much easier to land for the day.

This aquarium gets 5 Gold Starfish in my book!!

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