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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Little Man's Vintage Garage

AKA: Cooper's Nursery

It was so much fun decorating my baby boy's nursery. The nesting hormone definitely emitted during my pregnancy. My husband loves cars and I'm about all things vintage, hence the nursery theme. I spent many hours online window shopping and on Pinterest gathering my mood board 'pins'. I had two goals in mind, budget and not being too literal or cliche. I was really happy with the outcome. The room has a great energy and I feel the space came together swimmingly.


The antique tin signs are from a really cool and affordable website:

The rug is from Target and was a bargain! Mind you this was after hours of searching for a cheap area  rug, which was not easy. I couldn't believe I paid under $100 for this  rug!

The bedding is from This website was awesome because the patterns and designs were not cliche. I did spend a bit more in this part of my budget, but it was worth it to me because I really liked their bedding. I decided on orange and blue gingham sheets, minky sheets for winter (oh so soft!), and a patchwork pattern to bring that vintage feel to the room. The site also makes rocking chair pads, which I got in orange gingham, and a lamp shade that matches. This site is a Pinterest user's dream!! Great customer service and easy to register and manage for a baby shower, fyi.


I knew I didn't want to invest into a changing table because I wouldn't need it after a few years. I kept reading that converting a dresser into a changing station was the way to go. You can attach the changing pad with straps, which are usually sewn onto the pad itself for safety reasons. So, I scoured for weeks until I found a dresser that was just the right size and price. Granted it was originally painted a pale pink, but my determined husband sanded it down stained and painted it, and viola... a new dresser for the nursery!

The crib was given to me by a friend- and boy oh boy- what a crib it is! I was extremely fortunate to be gifted this awesome piece! The best part is that the crib converts into a toddler bed as our baby boy grows.

The baby clothes rack was taken straight from a Pinterest pin I came across. My house is old and has very small closets, so that space was already a hot commodity plus my husband's clothes already occupied it. A diy project and super easy to install- we just mounted a curtain rod under a shelf- and magic... a clothes rack! Now I can easily see all of those cute little miniature clothes!

A few tips for a chic and unique nursery on a budget:

* Refurbish an old dresser and turn into a changing table
* Use hooks behind a door for baby carriers and bibs
* Utilize in your area to find lightly used baby furniture or pieces that can be converted into a piece for the nursery, like a bench or shelves. (Be sure to inspect it for safety- this is your baby's room after all!)
* A can of paint can change any room!

Happy Trails!!

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