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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Showered With Love

      As my belly grew bigger with my growing "womb-mate," my mom's baby shower ideas grew even bigger. She was determined to have a special and memorable event. My mom's home is a beautiful and magical place. It's like an adult tree house, adorned by huge pines and aspens and a backyard that feels like you are in an enchanted forest. There is a babbling creek that runs through the yard, a refurbished ski chair lift chair that now swings, and a huge tipi.
       The shower was a "Woodland" theme, which was appropriate considering our family's home. From the food to the decorations to the props for the photo booth, there was enchanted forest magic all over. I felt like I was in a Disney fairytale. My heart swelled (much larger than my already swollen ankles!) with the abundant amount of love showered upon me and my growing family. I am such a lucky girl!

   After gathering our ideas on our Pinterest boards, we vowed to go big with the food and decorations. From German chocolate coconut cream filled cupcakes, strawberry shortcake cake pops, mini rice crispy treats, to cookies and candy and so much more, here is our "Sweets Table" (which we tried to make mostly gluten free):

We had quiches, Chinese chicken salad, a green salad, and asparagus. The dishes were surrounded by pictures of my husband and myself when we were children. Our "Eats Table":

We had all types of beverages, from mimosas, to lemonade and iced coffee. The "Cheers Table":

My mom really utilized the artisans on for her decorations. There are wonderful finds by really talented people on that website. The products and services were terrific.

     Instead of ordering flower arrangements from a florist, we got pallets of flowers and rosemary bushes that we then replanted in the yard after the event. Plus the rosemary had such a wonderful scent, it just added to the Woodland theme. My mom also found these little pixie lights that she adorned each arrangement with, so when the sun started to set, the tables twinkled in the night.

     There was also a wish tree, where people could leave special messages to the baby. I have them in my son's baby book. It was such a special detail that I am so grateful to share with my son when he gets older.

     From the days leading up to the shower to the days after, family and friends descended upon our home to celebrate our family's new life. It was the special and memorable event that my mom wanted, and such a celebration of life. The entire house was filled with people and tons of love. It was a momentous time and a summer I will never forget. I am so thankful to have such amazing friends and family in my life. I am truly blessed and in awe of the love that surrounds me and my family. Thank you to all who were there!

 Baby Shower Tips:
* Use plants that can be replanted for center pieces. They become the gift that keeps on giving.
* Pamela's baking mixes were terrific for the gluten free desserts. They held up wonderfully and no one knew the difference.
* To elevate your cupcake, choose a pudding mix that compliments your cupcake flavor, after the pudding has set, put it into a zipbloc bag, attache a cake piping tip, poke it into the center of the cupcake and fill it before you frost it. Super easy, keeps your cupcakes moist and its a little surprise in the middle. Yum!
* Pinterest was a wonderful place to gather ideas for any party or event, just start a board and start pining!
* was wonderful place to find those one of a kind decorations. Some of the vendors will even work with you to make them more personalized to your liking.
* Having a photo booth at the event was such a fun idea. I found a Groupon for a discounted rate, so it made doable on the budget. As well, guests had a fun memory to go home with.


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